Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have an important update to share. In the upcoming months, we’re making a shift to an electronic book system. This change will also make our referral process more effective.

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Your active participation is crucial as we move forward.

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IBEW Local Union 558

IBEW Local Union 558 Referral Procedure



Effective OCTOBER 1, 2023




  1. IBEW Local 558 referrals will be managed with the assistance of UnionWorx software. Referral sign-in shall take place during normal operating hours of the business office. Registration may also be accomplished during or after business hours using the UnionWorx app or website.
  2. Local 558 job award notification will be made through the UnionWorx app after 9:00 am on normal business days when jobs are available. In accordance with the IBEW International President’s Referral Procedure, the referral process will remain open until all calls are filled.
  3. In accordance with all agreements connected to the referral policy, the business manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by employers. This means in an emergency, referrals may have to be made outside normal hours using whatever means are available to fill calls and place registrants.
  4. All Registrants must show proof of a paid up to date Dues receipt, a separation notice, and/or a travel letter from their home local.




  1. All Calls will be posted on the Job Board. The Job Board will be updated every business day at 5 PM and calls will be available to bid till 9 AM the following business day.
  2. IBEW Local 558 is using a web-based referral system provided by UnionWorx. The system accurately accounts for job turndowns after you reach the top 30 on the respective list in order to implement the turndown rules. List applicants inside the top 30 will be allowed two turn-downs without penalty and will be rolled to the bottom of the Book after the third turndown. Multiple job offers on any one day shall be considered only one (1) turndown. Registrants will not be charged with a turndown if on Military Leave, Jury Duty, Doctor’s approved temporary disability, job calls requiring special skills or certifications, or refusal of short calls.
  3. Registrants receiving a referral and “no showing” will be considered a voluntary quit. Rejection of an applicant by an employer is not considered to be a turndown and will not be counted against the applicant.
  4. Registrants will also be allowed to place his/her name on the job bid list in person between 8:00 and 9:00 am. At 9:00 am, the dispatcher will close the job bid list and proceed to fill the calls by chronological order per their group placement. Group I will be called first, then II, III, and IV.
  5. Being unavailable for referral when work is available to a registrant in the top 30 of their respective Book shall be considered a turndown.



  1. Book 2 re-sign shall be the 10th of each month thru the 16th, after the initial sign date.
  2. Re-Register or Re-Sign may be accomplished via:
  • 2.a The UnionWorx Website, https://ibew558.unionworx.cloud
  • 2.b The Unionworx Mobile App
  • 2.c Fax 256-381-1054
  • 2.d In person during regular business hours 8 am-5pm Monday-Friday

All These methods are acceptable with the understanding that the re-register or re-sign requests must be timely: between Midnight on the 10th and the 16th of each month. Please don’t wait to the last minute to re-sign. The local union may allow re-sign to take place by additional means at their discretion.

The “How it works” section at: https://ibew558.unionworx.cloud answers most Frequently asked Questions. There is also a “help” section for other questions.



Any individual who receives two discharges for cause within a twelve-month period shall be suspended from future referral privileges until they appear before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to their continued eligibility for referral.



Applicants who accept a short call referral and who receive, through no fault of their own and who work fourteen (14) calendar days or less and who provide a layoff slip, shall upon returning to the Union Hall be restored to the appropriate place within their group.